101 Things in 1001 Days

This here is a list of 101 things I am going to do in 1001 days. They are arbitrarily dumped in groups because I am a nerd and like classifying things. Not all of the items are as they seem because some are written in code to protect the guilty, which is occasionally me. I will make blog posts about the list, especially the sexy times! I’m hoping it will be a lot of fun!
The idea is inspired by Sex with Rose who has a blog with Agatha-Luise over at The List Adventures. They were inspired by the Day Zero Project, where people write themselves to do lists to lead to positive life change. Jillian Boyd and Rhyannah also provided inspiration with their lists over at the The Goal Mine.

I will add other links as soon as I get them.
I explain a little bit more about my reasons for doing this in my launch post. Now, on with the show…

Starting Date: 13th January 2013

End Date: 11th October 2015
Goals completed so far: 13
Goals failed so far: 1 (#26)

Sexy Times

  1. Have sex on THE balcony
  2. Do a full strip tease for hubby
  3. Be all tied up with rope play
  4. Discover if it is possible for me to squirt
  5. Find a way to get my anal needs met without pestering hubby to change
  6. Go to the fetish shop with hubby
  7. Go to a fetish event with hubby
  8. Have sex with hubby outside
  9. Have sex in a car
  10. Get some Anal Beads
  11. Get some Kegal Ball thingies
  12. Get some nipple clamps with a chain for hubby to pull
  13. Get tied to the coffee table and abused by hubby
  14. Have sex with someone other than myself every day for a month (online sex and phone sex counts)

Relationship Growth

  1. Find an equilibrium with the polyamory (in whatever form that may be)
  2. Attend Opencon and/or Polyday
  3. Negotiate a position with hubby where I am able to play online with people without permission by January 2015. If there is no compromise possible I should find a way to be at peace with that instead.

Writing (non-blog related)

  1. Finish my priest story
  2. Submit an erotic story for publication
  3. Get published in the erotic/romance genre
  4. Publish my magnum opus
  5. Co-write an erotic story
  6. Contribute to 5 websites (blogs are ok) not owned by me [2/5] First contribution at Sinful Sunday. Second contribution is in RL so it's a secret!


  1. Celebrate the first anniversary of my blog
  2. Write reviews of 10 fiction or non-fiction books for my blog [0/10]
  3. Maximize the socializing and learning fun from Eroticon 2013 I hate to say I failed this because I missed it due to grief, but for the moment it looks like I failed one :(
  4. Finish the Thirty Days of Kink Meme
  5. Go to Erotic Meet
  6. Make a custom background for my blog
  7. Write three blog posts on my blog involving contributions from three different people, all of whom I must be friends with in RL [1/3] First

Travelling and Outings

  1. Holiday in the States
  2. Go to a nudist beach
  3. Take a night walk in the woods
  4. Go to hubby’s special country
  5. Go on holiday with hubby to a country where neither of us has been
  6. Find a part of France I like
  7. Have another trip with hubby in England
  8. Visit Maastricht
  9. Go to a three star Michelin restaurant
  10. Go to a Michelin star restaurant in the Netherlands
  11. Go to three events with the sister [0/3]
  12. Go to the cinema 15 times [2/15]
  13. Watch the sun rise and sun set in the same day
  14. Go back to my retreat for a week
  15. Go to the new retreat with hubby
  16. Go to five new cafes/restaurants where I live [3/5]

Taking Charge

  1. Eliminate non-fitting clothing from my wardrobe
  2. Start the chain link approach to time management, including EXERCISE
  3. Complete a chain in three weeks
  4. Complete a chain for two months
  5. Complete a chain for six months OR replace it legitimately with a more rigorous regime
  6. Sort through my craft boxes and eliminate nonsense
  7. Finish the lady piccie here
  8. Put 5 Euro in a secret place for every completed goal [0/101]
  9. Read all of my books on the bookshelves (if a book is too awful to finish, that counts as having been read)
  10. Give out 10 ‘I saw this and thought of you’ gifts [0/10]
  11. Take five euros from the secret pot for each failed task and put it in a charity pot for a charity I would not normally donate to
  12. Get a tattoo
  13. Keep myself around the 60kg mark, because that is where I feel most comfortable
  14. Catalogue all my books (Library Thing? Custom database?)
  15. Change my phone I now have a Samsung. Yey!
  16. Do my share of the housework (as judged by hubby at the end of each month [1/33, 26 months needed to pass the task])
  17. Iron the shirts before they are needed [60 fails permitted 7/60]
  18. Buy a custom-made or decorated piece of clothing
  19. Buy a custom-made or decorated vegetarian pair of shoes
  20. Tidy my desk so I can use it again
  21. Help hubby tidy and redesign the other room
  22. Go to the dentist
  23. Get dressed before 10:30am every working day until I go to Eroticon 2013 [4 fails permitted 0/4]
  24. Break my Facebook habit
  25. Get a pixie hair cut (or an equally short cut if advised by a hair stylist)
  26. Try yet another new way to cut my own hair
  27. Try to overcome my foot phobia by painting my toenails (clickety the thingy for a pic)
  28. Try to overcome my foot phobia by going to a fish foot eating place with hubby
  29. Take at least one yoga class
  30. Have a relaxing bath 15 times [0/15]
  31. Take pictures with hubby in a photobooth
  32. Move house
  33. Read a supermarket romance novel in a language other than English
  34. Find a way to help X survive after the carers are gone
  35. Eat entirely vegan for a week
  36. Make a custom “quick and easy” recipe book for hubby and I
  37. Cosplay with a group of cosplayers to a theme

Skills Development

  1. Become better at speaking X
  2. Learn a language with hubby (X, X, or X)
  3. Learn how to use commas, semi-colons, colons, and dashes properly
  4. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  5. Collect two more qualifications [1/2]
  6. Take a taster/introductory course in counseling to see if it might be for me
  7. Build a more professional website for my career
Personal Growth and Reflection

  1. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy [0/100]

  1. Write a list of 50 things I like about myself [0/50]
  2. Finish the 30 days of Truth (not necessary to post) Nine are finished, one is here
  3. Address the sex issue with the in-laws (and hubby)
  4. Come out to a group of people at the same time
  5. Return to volunteering in a social role (rather than just professional or fun related volunteering roles)
  6. Replace this item with something new to do on 14/01/14
  7. Replace this item with something new to do on 15/01/15
  8. Do the new number 97
  9. Do the new number 98
  10. Have a huge celebration in 2015


  1. What a great list (and a great idea)!

    For #60, I can totally recommend LibraryThing, which I've been using for a number of years now - you can see my profile here, which you don't need to be a member to do. If you have a smartphone with a barcode scanner app, or a barcode scanner (old school!), it makes inputting the books much faster.

    If you do join, add me as a friend, okay?

    xx Dee

    1. I would have to have a look about how to join. I really would want to include all my books and I don't know how that would work if it were public on my RL identity (hence all my sex books) or my blogging identity (hence all my weird professional books). I also have a fandom identity I use, that may be the best bet.

      I love the books you have! I am more of a fantasy reader than a sf reader, and I see a lot on your list that I still have to read!

      Books are addictive.

      PS I don't have a smartphone and this is the very first thing I have seen that makes me want one!

  2. Really interesting list. I didn't know you were coming to Eroticon! So cool that we will get to meet


  3. Enjoyed your list. Can't wait to watch you succeed. Best in the New Year. -Missy Little

  4. So happy to see your list.. I have just come on board and am still compiling my list.. Bit boring so far but let's hope I can make it more exciting as I go.. Good luck...x