Handy links engaging with sex-positive, kinky, and poly ideas, practices, and lifestyles

(This list will keep growing)

Some Great Blogs (in no particular order, but with a definite bias towards submissives and kinky folk) "Exhibitionist with words, skin and sex. ... Labels I choose for myself: pansexual, polyamorous, fat, kinky, New Zealander, writer." "The journeys of a Polyamorous, sometime Swinger, Absinthe loving couple." "I am submissive to my Husband. He loves me. He owns me." "my exploration of my submissive nature" "We're changing the way people look at sex!" "Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman" "Girl. Pervert. Blogger. Powered by a combination of cider, lust and commuter rage." "We're a couple that enjoys the simpler things in life, especially sex!"

And if you want more:
Top 100 sex bloggers 2012
Monthly round-up of interesting sex blog posts

Polyamory Possibly the first site poly folk send newbies to find stuff out. A must read Tristin Taormino's Polyamory site (her book of the same name is a must read) A fantastic forum for all aspects of poly life (less political, more practical). Very supportive, great advice, lots of people use it to blog about their own experiences. Yes! Poly folk exist even in the media, alas, it isn't always good An easy to read guide about polyamory, especially useful for the uninitiated

Sex Sex-positive blogs associated with a sex-toy company Tristin Taormino's sex-positive advice/campaign/news site, including details about her fabby books and porn. Especially useful for those exploring anal sex.

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