Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hubby’s Sexual Moments of 2012

Over at one of my favorite wank-inspiring blogs, Girl on the Net wrote a blog post based on her primary partner’s favorite sexual moments of 2012. While her blog is largely about the sex, with occasional political rants, and mine is an emotional exploration involving sex, the idea was a grand one. Mostly it works for me because, as regular readers know, my own primary partner, my hubby, has been going through major developments of his own this year.
While walking round the garden of hubby's parent's house, he merrily told me his two specific sexual highlights. The first was also one of mine and I’ve already written it up here! It is a heartwarming tale of a couple finally meeting in sexual bliss together after a long, hard ten years of borderline abstinence. 
The second experience happened back in June while we were on holiday, so we were very relaxed. But it was also before I was due to go off and have my first in-person playtime with James (my first poly-partner while with hubby) and so emotions were very high. We were deeply emotionally connected in a way we had never been, and also under enormous pressure. It was a heady mix within which to play…
My pubes were in one of their gigantic bush phases (take a peek at my Cunt Pride post to see what I mean), and needed a prune. Out came hubby with the magic hair removal cream. We were in a tiny room. Normally a tiny room is less than fun, but when a six foot tall bloke has to squish in a teeny weeny space between the bed and the wall to get to your cunt, things get a little more interesting. There is something about having your most intimate parts stared at for ages by the person you love while your feet are slammed against the wall above his head and you can’t move because acidic cream will get everywhere. While he was applying it and timing it and scraping it away with a deliciously hard piece of plastic, I got wetter and wetter and wetter. Hubby occasionally tortured me with a finger, placed just at the entrance to my cunt. By the time my bush was nice and neat, the bed was sopping wet and I was climbing up the walls, ready to beg, scream and cry for anything.
Unlucky for me, hubby isn’t a fan of giving oral sex (no matter how little hair I have), but on this occasion he craved it and drank my juices until I was screaming the happily detached house down. His cock was so wet and hard that there was no way he wasn’t going to fuck me. While trapped between the bed and the wall he pulled my body off the bed and slid my cunt straight onto his cock. He fucked me with passion, love, and enthusiasm. It was astounding, and we were both emotionally and physically drained afterwards. A wonderful kind of sex. Hubby chose this experience above the others in 2012 because he loved being so close to my vagina (his word), he loved me giving control to him (*does the dance of joy*), and the intimacy between us (magical).
To be fair, this is indicative of the main thing that has come out of 2012 for both of us: understanding and embracing our sexual needs and desires as individuals and as a couple. It has led to hubby uncovering his own sexuality and welcoming his dominant side. It has been about recognizing that sexuality is important to our emotional world. It has been a wonderful journey and it is one we will continue to explore in 2013.
Here is wishing all of us a sexually and emotionally liberated 2013!

This post was written for the first Wicked Wednesday of 2013! Hello everyone, especially the coordinator of the Meme Marie Rebelle

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  1. This is beautiful! I wish you a wonderful 2013, with countless of these wonderful sex moments between you and your husband!

    Rebel xox