Monday, 8 October 2012

Cunt Pride

Last week’s blog posts were full of feelings of Kink Shame, so this week I thought I’d recondition my brain with some positive pride.

I love my boobs, my legs, my bum, my pussy. I don’t like calling my genitalia my “pussy” though, because let’s face it, I’m not a cat. Nope, I like calling my genitalia my “cunt.” I love the word “cunt.” It feels nice to say in the mouth. It shocks people. It is empowering. But how do I like to look after my cunt?

First off, I don’t wash it with anything but water. Literally, nothing! My cunt produces lots of lovely natural juices and washing that away with soap seems bloody ridiculous to me.

I do love to play with my cunt though, so everyday I squish it and smoosh it and tug it and finger it and do all kinds of lovely things. Even if I’m not trying to make myself orgasm I like to do this, because it feels nice. It is also sensible to do this for health reasons. If something is wrong down there I want to know about it!

What about the hair? I like my cunt to be all bushy and hairy. I love the hairs to grow everywhere, to spread down my thighs and along the crack of my bum. I love to tug my hair and twirl it round my fingers for comfort, sexual pleasure, boredom relief, anything really.

But, at some point the hair gets too long and too bushy and when I masturbate the hair creates friction on my fingers and starts twisting. It becomes harder to play with my clitoris. It gets caught up in my menstrual blood. Generally, it just gets in the way, so then I trim it.

But, sometimes, that isn’t enough. Sometimes I decide I want all but a little of my hair to be removed (I never go bald). This is where hubby comes in. I don’t like sharp objects going near my cunt. I refuse to try waxing (I love wax play, but waxing for “beauty” reasons? *brain explodes*). But I love the cold sensation of hair removal cream, followed by the harsh scrapes from the plastic hair remover. I especially love it because hubby does it for me. Having him stare intently at my cunt is incredibly intimate. It makes me feel very connected to him, but also vulnerable and aroused. I get so wet I literally drip. It always results in truly mind-boggling sex. And that sex is always focused exclusively around pleasuring, no ... worshipping, my cunt. My cunt is a wonderful part of me and deserves to be worshipped. This religion has a very strict selection policy though and it is by invitation only. Perhaps one day you may get to peek behind the curtain. 

To see other people's cunts, go and have a peek at the "Pussy Pride Project"



  1. Such a wonderful piece of writing! We should all be proud of our cunts ;)

    Rebel xox

  2. My favorite perfume is cunt. Surrounded by a forest of hair. Nosing through to pay tribute at her fragrant grotto with my tongue is my heaven on earth. Great post !

  3. I love fingering my self while rubbing my clit in circular movements, its even more delightful doing this while being watched by numerous people. Public masturbation turns me on so much. I hardly ever wear underwear and like to flash and have a little play where ever possible. My husband and his mates love to watch and have a feel and I have to admit my juices flow uncontrollably