Friday, 9 November 2012

Multi-Tasking Masturbation

Hubby is on holiday and seeing as I have no other partners in my life, this means masturbation. Lots of it. On the night of the US Presidential Election I was in bed reading male/male porn involving a werewolf and 16 year old human (it’s a thing), and half listening to the election commentary on the radio. It was a surprisingly heady combination. I was idly, half-heartedly playing with my clit and occasionally fingering my arse and my cunt. At some point I read a particularly delicious piece of porn and decided to call it a night and let my thoughts wander.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I started fantasizing about pissing in the bowl of lemon mousse I had made for myself. This image was interspersed with brief shots of a person ordering me to kneel on the floor and lick the piss-soaked mousse like a dog. This person was telling me to do this via Skype. Somehow I knew this person had a partner who didn’t know about me. All the while in “real life” I was listening to the radio.

In my fantasy I started smearing the piss-soaked mousse over my breasts and cunt, using the sticky mess to masturbate with. I knew, as you do in dreams, that I had been told to do this over Skype. I also knew that the partner was overhearing our conversation and our sexual gratification. I knew an explosive row was about to happen but I never got to picture it. Instead my mind wandered back to the mousse, while my physical self listened to the radio. 

I had one incredibly powerful “thunderbolts” orgasm, and the thing that set me over the edge? The radio broadcaster saying “it is over” (Obama had won). How fascinating! 

A combination of dubious werewolf porn, American politics, piss-play, getting caught, getting someone else in trouble, and food-play was an unexpected, bizarre and convoluted collection of images, events, and ideas to masturbate to. It is absolutely worth it though, letting your own mind wander and enjoying the random sounds, experiences and thoughts influencing your pleasure. When we fantasize we should embrace the direction our mind and body takes us because trying to control our fantasies is surely a repressive act. I can’t wait to find out what the next unusual collection of things are that set me down the path to wonderland.

But, first, I really need to make me some more lemon mousse because really? Pissing in it, licking it, and wanking with it? Hot.As.Hell!


This posts meets the Thirty Days of Kink prompt: "Day 27: Do your non-kink interests ever find their way into your kinky activities? If so, how?"

I'm a hobby cook, addicted to politics (especially US politics), and my main hobby in life is reading, watching, and talking about "fantasy" (hence the werewolf porn).

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