Monday, 5 November 2012

Orgasms, Anal





Really, what more in life is there? Not a great deal if you are me. Ok, that is a horrid exaggeration but ye gads I love things up my bum hole.

Unlike with my vagina and clitoris, I orgasm anally without any effort at all. If something is big enough and long enough, or shaped in a curved fashion (like my hairbrush handle), or just a bit kinky (I have a parsnip in the kitchen awaiting my attention), all it has to do is be inside me and I come.

When only my arse is being played with the orgasm will be very strong and will be all-encompassing throughout my whole body. Generally I only have one anal orgasm at a time (not multiple orgasms as with my vagina), but I can have them over and over again with ease (unlike with my clitoris).

If my vagina is filled or my clitoris is being played with at the same time as my arse is filled then the orgasms blur into one giant feeling of bliss. I won’t really be able to differentiate the sources of the feelings but everything will feel that much more intense.

Sometimes after I have had a decent amount of arse-play, or even just a lot of penis-in-vagina sex, I orgasm when I’m having a poo. I have never met anyone else who admits this, but I did read about someone having the same experiences in a book once. I wonder whether this is why I have a bit of a scat fetish? Perhaps. Or perhaps the scat is a way to manage my arse adoration when my arse is neglected because not everyone loves anal as much as I do. Oh gosh do I love it so.

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  1. mmm I love anal stimulations too and those orgasms are just so lovely, I want them over and over, even though I cannot have two of them after each other. I always need time to recover!

    Rebel xox

    PS: I am still working on my series similar to these of yours :)