Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Orgasms, Spontaneous

This is the last of my "Orgasm" posts, the others are:

1) Clitoral
2) Vaginal
3) Anal
4) Breasts

This fifth and final post explores the most unconventional ways I orgasm: spontaneously and through the power of thought.

The key element is that the orgasms happen without touching any genitalia (including my boobs). When these orgasms happen they are occasionally strong but usually more of a little “pop” something to get me gagging for more, or something to scratch an itch of frustration. They either happen without any notice, with a bit of a build-up, or because I have deliberately “thought” them into action. Here are some examples where I have had “spontaneous” orgasms followed by my description of how I think myself to orgasm. Maybe try it yourself?
  • Listening to a guy speak with a very deep voice (I encouraged that one, so I could have easily stopped it)
  • Being scratched on the back at a gig (I literally had an itch, nothing sexual, I was gobsmacked when I had an orgasm)
  • Being gently spanked while leaning against hubby on his chair (no control)
  • Sitting in a hotel lobby exchanging sexy emails (I totally could have stopped that, but didn't want to)
  • Spooning in bed with someone I had been flirting with for hours (no control)
So, then, how do I make myself orgasm? This is my handy guide to coming in six seconds (give or take a few).
I clench the muscles about four inches above my clit, (roughly where the G-Spot is supposed to be, although Lord only knows if this is what I am squeezing).

This makes my breath hitch round about my diaphragm and lower lungs (seriously, I suck at anatomy, this could all be wrong).
I alternate between squeezing the internal muscles and catching my breath.
When the squeezing and breath loss coincide, after about three switches or so, I have an orgasm. It releases mainly through the face but also creates a “pop” in the area where I clenched my muscles. I’ve tried to create a spontaneous clitoral and anal orgasm but so far I have had no luck in that area. They are fun to do, especially as a potential taboo in public. They can be great to do in restaurants or on trains when I am with someone who knows what I look like when I orgasm because, no matter how much control I may have, my face and chest always go bright red when I orgasm – even from a short little “pop” like the spontaneous ones.

Fun times!


This was posted as part of the "Wicked Wednesday" meme. The prompt this week was:

I'm not meant to be tamed, so when I can't run wild with another, I run wild by myself *grin*

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  1. This is very interesting. I am going to give the muscle control thing a go... I know I can get myself close using my muscles but I have never actually cum that way... so far ;)


  2. I have had this happen. More then once. The way you describe it is how it works for me too. I am quite happy it happens to you too.

  3. This is something I have experienced too and of course, as promised, I am still planning to post my own series on the ways I orgasm :)

    And I like the image that came to mind of you running wild...

    Rebel xox

  4. As soon as I read this, I started clenching my muscles...thanks for the inspiration ;)

  5. Fun, exciting post and an excellent interpretation of the prompt. Although I'm a guy, I once had an orgasm that may not have been spontaneous, exactly, but was hands-free and certainly not the result of any direct stimulation. I was young - I'm guessing thirteen - and while I'm probably no less horny now than I was then, I think I can control my feelings of arousal better now than I could then. My loss, really.


  6. When I was younger, I had this happen a few times. Now, I think I must be harder to get off or something...can't do this anymore. But, a handy little trick when you find yourself in a place where sticking your hand up your skirt would be frowned upon. Hmmmm...an orgasm while sitting in the front row at a play? Maybe in the doctor's office waiting room? Or on the bus? Fun times!

  7. The possibilities could be endless!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. Truly "spontaneous" orgasms can be quite scary. Let me explain.

    My wife suffered head trauma pre-teens and suffer convulsions. Being difficult to control, the Drs had added Valium to her meds. Well after some 30 years on high doses of Valium, her neurologist decided to get her off it, being highly addictive. The withdrawal process was quite horrible with all sorts of creepy side-effects.

    But one day we were sitting in the lounge watching something totally innocuous on TV, when she went into orgasm spontaneously. Now for someone with near zero libido (developed vaginismus 3 months into our marriage) and probably only ever had one orgasm in her life and never ever played with herself, this was scary. Her convulsions normally affect her limbs or torso, but these were in her pelvic muscles. The similarity between orgasm and her "(ab)normal" convulsions is really scary- not sexy at all.

    Sorry about this comment from the dark side.

    Back on your subject - we guys certainly have spontaneous erections and especially in our teens, spontaneous orgasms (wet dreams). But now in the autumn of my life it is nice to wake at "4 o'clock in the morning" (read my blog post) with a hot, arching hard-on. Damn, there it goes again just typing this. Sorry, I most go now...

    1. Actually, your comment is more relevant than you realize.

      I am epileptic and studies have shown that epileptics (and other people whose brain functions "differently", i.e., after brain trauma) can have unusual interactions with orgasms. For example, I have on occasion had petit mals (minor blackouts) as direct results of orgasms during sexual intercourse.

      There is a fabulous book called Bonk by Mary Roach (http://www.maryroach.net/bonk.html) which alerted me to the unusual connections between epilepsy and sex. It is an excellent book, and a great starting off point for further research.