Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Orgasms, Breasts

Periodically, I hear people gasp in bewilderment when they discover that some women have boobie orgasms. This is often accompanied by total disbelief. "I don't have them, therefore nobody else must be able to." I dislike such assumptions. I have breast orgasms.

Or, to be more factual, I have right breast orgasms with the very occasional left breast joy (it is also the right side of my clitoris that is the most exciting. Coincidence?)

So, how does it happen? Well, my right mammary gland has a direct line from my nipple to my clitoris. Tweeking it, pulling it, sucking it, tugging it, nibbling it, while I masturbate my clit brings the most intense full body orgasm.

But, I hear you cry, this is not a boobie orgasm! Aha, well, if I have just my right nipple (and very rarely my left) played with I can have a delicious orgasm. My body will jerk and writhe and my breath will hitch. After this happens my nipples are hyper sensitive and can't be touched. Luckily, I have lots of holes and a clit to play with. Huzzah!

There is one more way in which I can have a breast orgasm, this is soft and gentle and more related to the whole breast, not the nipple, it is also more likely to happen from each breast, not just the right one. This is when the whole breast is caressed, very very gently but not enough to tickle. It can even happen through clothes (while in public, much to my partner's amusement). This creates a warm soft orgasm, the only way to describe it is like a comforting hug. I can have one of these without becoming more aroused or needing anything else. 

I consider myself very lucky!


This post was part of Wicked Wednesday. This week's prompt was "Sexuality," specifically the "bisexual umbrella." I covered that in my explanation of my heteroflexibility, hence my boobie orgasm post. To see the other Wicked Wednesday entries for this week clickety click:

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  1. Thank you so much for the education - I now feel well informed about all things breast orgasmic and it was so much more entertaining to read than the Science journals :) xxx

  2. I consider you very lucky indeed! I have heard of them but never had one. Sounds lots of fun and hot.

  3. I am happy to count myself as one of the lucky ones too, since I discovered earlier this year that I can orgasm from having my nipples stimulated :)

    Rebel xox

  4. Fellow breast orgasm owner here too!!! Wonderful isn't it!! I love your descriptions of what you enjoy and how it feels - made my nipples feel all tingly!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. My breast are fairly sensitive although they can be very tender when I am mid cycle. I have never had a breast orgasm but I have felt that shock of electricity that shots from my nipples to my clit when my nipples are played with.


  6. I think that's totally awesome - it's like a body easter egg!

    xx Dee

    1. Oh, and I had my very first breast orgasms on Tuesday! My nipples are still incredibly tender - I had no idea mine could do that :)

      xx Dee

  7. How very interesting... I am still learning about nipple response, as I long considered my breasts only functional for sustenance. Piercing them has made them more sensitive and adds to my sexual response, though I can't say I can get an orgasm from manipulation of them alone.

    ~Kazi xxx