Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Hotel Window (erotica)

We are in the elevator of an enormous thousand room hotel. A handrail runs around the edge. I stand facing it with my hands on the rail, you have your hands over mine and are gently breathing against my neck, touching nothing else, saying nothing. It takes 2 minutes for us to get from the 1st to the 26th floor.

The elevator door opens and I turn the corner. You follow me. I fumble to get the keycard out of my back pocket to open the door. The door shuts. The room is completely dark except for the light coming through the floor to ceiling window. There are two double beds in the room. I sit on one. You sit on the other.

I slowly take one shoe off

Then the other, never taking my eyes away from you

I unbutton my shirt, one button at a time

You sit there and watch

I take my shirt off, but I´m still wearing a skinny tee, it shows my cleavage

I undo the belt buckle on my jeans

I undo the button

I put my fingers around the zipper and pull it down

Still you just watch

I take my t-shirt off

My bra is purple and just lacy enough to be see-through

You try to come to my bed but I stop you

You try to touch yourself through your jeans but I stop you

I stand up and take off my jeans

My panties are purple and lacy, they are full knickers covering everything

They are completely, utterly, totally see-through

I go to the window and press myself against it facing out

My hand goes into my knickers

I touch myself

You can see from behind, but nothing else

I tell you to come to the window and stand behind me

You try to touch me but I stop you

You can only see what I am doing in the reflection in the window and with the subtle movements of my arm

You hear the juices

You smell the juices

I tell you to undo my bra and slide the straps over my arms

It drops to the floor

You run your fingers around my breasts

You watch in the reflection of the window

People can be seen in the rooms of the hotel opposite

Someone watches as my fingers slide in and out of my cunt

Your cock hurts, pushing against your boxers and the fly of your jeans

I tell you to take all your clothes off

You are naked

You are spread-eagled against the window as I stand between your arms

I turn my back to the window and drop to my knees

I lick the length of your cock

I take your cock in my mouth

You put one hand on my head and lean against the window with the other

A beautiful woman is standing in the window opposite and you see her masturbating as I taste you

As you fuck my mouth I touch my clit with the fingers of one hand

I put one, two, three fingers in my cunt with the other hand

I fuck myself hard but stop myself coming

I take my fingers out of my cunt and my hand to your arse

My fingers are wet, I gently open your anus with a wet finger

I keep one finger in your arse as you fuck my mouth

You push me back against the window so I am trapped

The movement knocks my fingers away from my clit stopping me from coming

You take my finger out of your arse and take your cock out of my mouth

You stand me up, turn me round, take my panties off

I try to speak but you put your hand over my mouth

With the other hand you trace your fingers around my breasts, then down my spine, across my arse, and round to my cunt

You push me forward so my breasts are squashed against the window

Your right hand touches my clit

You slide your fingers into my cunt

I’m dripping wet, juices are running down my thigh

You stop, turn me round and push me to the floor

You tell me to fist myself with my left hand and masturbate my clit with the other

You touch your cock

You rub your cock across my face, smearing the juices across my lips

I tell you how close I am and you tell me to keep going

You put one hand under my chin and lift it so I’m looking up at you

Your other hand grabs your cock, you fuck your hand, every thrust pushes your cock against my face

We both get closer and closer

You feel yourself coming, your juices squirting over my lips, my nose, my chin, my cheeks, my hair

As I feel your juices drip down my face, I lick my lips and come long and hard, shuddering against the window and screaming your name

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