Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hard Limits

I have a few hard limits. These can most easily be classified as:

  • No medical play
  • No age play
  • No hard gags (balls etc, other kinds of gags are awesome, but I hate my mouth being forced open with no possible movement available)
  • No sharing me with others (I choose who I play with and when)
  • And the biggie, absolutely no foot play at all!

Got that? No feet!

I hate feet. I hate all feet. With.A.Passion!!!!

I don't even wear shoes with open-toes because my feet are never on display. Even on the beach shoes only come off when I'm in the sea. Still, this week has been all about the positive, and so, I attempt to break my phobia with a photo challenging my own limits. In case you doubt the ferocity of this phobia, even taking the photo was traumatic, and while writing this post my toes are curling up with ickyness.

This post meets the "Thirty Days of Kink" prompt "Day 10: What are your hard limits?"

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Sinful Sunday


  1. So good of you to be positive and just post this photo! I happen to think I have nice feet, but I am not into foot play at all. I however, absolutely LOVE to walk on bare feet, outside and in. That's the way I grew up and I guess it will always be part of me :)

    Rebel xox

  2. I am very proud of you! *pets gently*

    xx Dee

  3. Kudos to you for facing your phobia :)
    Everyone has their own squick points, no problem as long as your partner is clear on them! I have found with Sir that some things that were once hard limits have now become acceptable.

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I'm glad you felt confident enough to do this. Maybe you'll be able to work up to sandals one day?

  5. I was once told you are what you bring to the party. We should all accept ourselves for what we are and what have to offer. It is nice to see that you are taking steps to accept yourself.

  6. I like the photo, it's beautiful. And your feet looks fine to me, but I doubt hearing that matters since you hate all feet. But sometimes it's comfy to be without shoes and socks, so I do hope you get over your anxieties:D

  7. I used to be very anti-feet myself, but have slowly relaxed on that over the years. They're just so sensitive! It's amazing how sensual foot play can be. Huzzah for pushing your limits! :)

  8. I have to say I am really not a foot person either but I do rather like mine, they are small and dainty and when I paint my toe nails I think they look extra special.

    Good for you challenging yourself. We should all learn to embrace our physical selves more, whether it be feet, noses, boobs or bums or something else you struggle with loving about yourself.


  9. You have lovely feet...well done approaching something that made u squick tho, that in my view is the point of hard limits :-)

  10. 'Curling up with ickyness' :) what a lovely expression. But why the phobia? those toes are made to be nibbled :) Gorgeous

  11. I can't imagine life without my flip flops! LOL I think your feet look nice. They look soft and clean!

  12. I love you all for your nice words, but nibbling, no flip-flops, no sandals, no sensual foot-play *runs away screaming*

    (I was held up by my ankles as a small child and the soles of my feet were tickled mercilessly by my Pa. I'm very glad I had a happy childhood, but damn it if the tickling didn't scar me for life!)

  13. I applaud you for your courage in posting this picture and telling us one of your hard limits! It can be very hard to do, so it's definitely something to be praised :)

  14. For reasons unknown to us, we find it fascinating to hear or read of others' hard limits. We suppose it's due to the relativity of kink: One person's favorite thing ever is another's hard limit. One person's exotic fantasy is another person's Wednesday afternoon. This was a great read.