Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Orgasms, The Vagina

Continuing the series of posts about my ever lovely orgasms, this one is about my vagina. Despite images like this one:

Most vaginas do not exist in a perfectly straight line. I’ve been told by medical staff that my vagina is unusually wonky with my cervix being somewhat far to the right. How fascinating! I have no idea if this makes a difference to my enjoyment of sex, but it is interesting.

I am one of those women who can orgasm just from vaginal intercourse. Yey! But there are five distinct types of orgasms and all of them are stronger if I have already had at least one clitoral orgasm. I have no idea which ones are related to the G-Spot, the A-Spot or Uterine orgasms, but do I need to know? Of course not. Who gives a crap, it’s all about the fun!

So, the first sort of orgasm is localized around the vagina, it usually happens within the first few seconds of penetration by something of suitable girth (usually only a penis to be honest). I can have a bunch of these, but I tend to only have one or two because then the next type of orgasm tends to kick in.

This will have a nice build up, warm and intense sending rolling waves of pleasure through my body. When I’m masturbating, I always have this type. This is my absolute favorite vaginal orgasm and I can have millions of them. Sometimes this orgasm transmutes and becomes one of the other three types I have.

One version is the “face” orgasm, this is when the pressure builds up in my body and bursts out of my face. It is fun, but not awesome, unlike the next type.

If I am very lucky, my orgasm will stop my breathing. Yes, literally. This only ever happens during penis-in-vagina intercourse and while not rare is fairly uncommon. It is a moment of pure bliss as my body totally gives in to the sensations of intimacy and pleasure.

Alas, there is one type of orgasm I HATE! Yep, you read that right, a bad orgasm. This one is, thankfully, very rare, and it only ever happens during penis-in-vagina intercourse. It builds up and, rather than bursting out my face or my whole body, it bursts out my forehead. It feels like a blood vessel has burst. To be fair, I have no idea what a blood vessel bursting feels like, but if I could imagine it, it would feel like this orgasm. It is painful and intense and something to be suffered until it’s over. I can usually have nice, normal orgasms after it, but it leaves me with a headache for hours.

So far I haven’t discovered any limits to the number of vaginal orgasms I can have, which is, I suspect, difficult for my partners. But as long as I'm not interrupted while an orgasm is building I’ll be satisfied.

Having established that my vagina is a moist smooshy tube of bliss, does it need cock to orgasm? Certainly not! Penetration of the vagina can be done by anything and orgasms can be reached through pretty much anything (as long as it doesn’t vibrate, I don’t like vibrators). If I say “we’ve had sex” it can mean anything from we’ve just wanked each other off, to playing online, to a six hour lovefest with no penis-in-vagina intercourse. Having said all of that different implements will lead to different sorts of orgasms and the two most important things? Girth and length. So, what do I like? If you want, you can equate this to cock, because cock-owning folk, size matters. Sorry about that.

If something is too skinny it is going to be no good at all, seriously, I never use less than two fingers in my vagina because there would be no point. Indeed, the ideal girth is about an inch and a half to two inches in diameter. I can take more (I like a good fisting occasionally) but it rarely adds orgasmic value and is more for kink or intimacy purposes. If something is too thick it can be uncomfortable.

What about length? This varies, sometimes I just want to feel something inside me so it doesn’t need to be in very far, but other times I want to be filled. The best thing to use in such instances is something like this:

In fact, this is my very favorite toy! Yep, if you come round for dinner pretty much everything in the kitchen has been in my cunt.

I can wiggle it about and move it in and out, lovely! About 5 inches is the max I usually do. I can take more but if it is too long it can be uncomfy (so, cock-owners, there is little point wanting a cock bigger than 6 inches from base to tip if you ever want to fuck me).

But sometimes, very often if I’m playing by myself (due to hubby’s lack of interest in anal), I’m much more interested in my arse, because my anal orgasms are To.Die.For! I’m looking forward to writing that post, I do love my arse.


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