Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Kinks (30 Days of Kink)

Golly gosh, where to start? Maybe a bog-standard bullet-point list. I’ve done everything on this list except the last one. Most of them I have done many, many times. A couple of them I have done only once or twice.

  • Arse play, anything at all really to do with bums and bum-holes, mine or others. It can be filling them, slapping them, biting them, licking them - they are just delicious!
  • Having sex so that others can hear, see, walk in on me, (especially, but not only, when my partner objects) and mainly without the consent of the person who ends up witnessing the act (I know, I know, it’s wrong)
  • Listening to others having sex with or without their knowledge
  • Masturbating myself to orgasm while in bed with my partner, while my partner is asleep and my body is touching theirs as much as physically possible, without them waking up
  • Being punished, especially humiliation as a form of punishment, and being punished for being rude, disrespecting, or disobeying my Dom (yes, I am a horrible bratty sub who needs a very, very firm Dom. I need to fear him and what he will do, but trust that he will be fair and consistent. I’ve never had a female or genderqueer Dom so I don’t know how that would work for me)
  • Blood, especially consuming (mine or my partner’s, but not menstrual blood)
  • Urine, especially being washed with my partners urine, or masturbating with my own (I will consume it but I hate the taste so will only do that when instructed and feeling very subby)
  • Feces, especially catching it while I masturbate, or licking it off whatever has been up my arse (unlike urine it doesn’t taste bad, although I have never eaten an actual poo, just the small and/or slimy stuff that sometimes gets stuck on whatever goes up the arse. This probably doesn’t make it sound any less gross. I’m even grossing myself out writing about it, but who said kinks are logical? BTW When Nic read this he said I needed to get over my shame. Bless him! I am trying, but it is hard, a post for another day I think)
  • Being bitten so I’m bruised and/or bleeding
  • Putting household objects into my vagina/anus (spoons, bottles, hairbrushes etc)
  • Orgasm denial
  • Being called a slut and a whore, and being used like a prostitute (I’ve been “paid,” it wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped. I only have sex with people I want to have sex with and getting paid just felt stupid)
  • Ministers, yep, as in vicars and priests (Years ago I came very close to having a relationship with a vicar, the only thing that stopped us was the fact he was in a monogamous marriage. A few months ago I was propositioned by a very sexy vicar. Alas it could have only been a one night stand [yuck!] and it would have been at a work event [stupid!] and I would have had to get permission from both Nic and James in a very short space of time [impossible!]. I still hope I will get to fuck a vicar, but finding one who will have a relationship with me as a married woman is very unlikely. *wail*)

My absolute biggest kink is arse play. I could probably give everything else up if I were able to have cock up my arse on a regular basis. .... thinks about that statement ... nah, who am I kidding... I will always want to get caught having sex and I will always want to be punished.


This fulfills the “Thirty Days of Kink” prompt “Day 2: List your kinks.”

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