Friday, 12 October 2012

Orgasms, The Clitoris

I usually need a lot of orgasms to feel satisfied in a sex session, but all orgasms are not created equal, and sometimes one will do. I orgasm very easily and very often, maybe this is why I have an orgasm-denial kink.

Here is the first of five short blog posts about my orgasms. Why five? I have five different ways to come: Clitoral, Vaginal, Anal, Breast, Spontaneous. I am going to try and describe them. It’s been surprisingly difficult!

First, the clitoral orgasm

For me, the clitoral orgasm is the one most likely to lead to that “yes” moment, you know the one Meg Ryan fakes in When Harry Met Sally (oh, and I have Never faked! That way lies madness). It isn’t essential for a decent session, although if I masturbate I have to come like this, no matter how many other kinds of orgasm I may have.

If I have a clitoral orgasm before vaginal intercourse, the orgasms I get from vaginal intercourse are way stronger. I rarely like my clit played with during sex, but I nearly always need my vagina filled when I masturbate my clit. Go figure.

When I masturbate I usually use my index and middle fingers on my right hand to rub very firm anti-clockwise circles and sideways movements on the right side of my clitoris. When I get close to coming my fingers then need to move to the top and movements become more frantic, faster, and firmer. I like to tease the clitoris in lots of different ways, but I don’t really like vibrators or scratching feelings (long nails are an absolute no-no!).

The orgasms can come in rolling waves, short sharp bursts, or massive full body jerking all-encompassing screamfests. They can last for (so I’ve been told by lovers) a good ten minutes. If they do, I’m pretty much dead afterwards and any resulting sex will be unenergetic on my part.

Occasionally, the denial kink gets the better of me and I am teased too long. If this happens the orgasm may never come or end up being an irritating little blip that leaves me craving more.

If I do crave more, for whatever reason, the next clitoral orgasm will be much, much harder to achieve, especially if I chase it within half an hour of just “finishing.” The chase will be sweet but frustrating as I have to move my fingers in different positions, and stop/start more often. The clitoris will be very sensitive. When it comes though, it will be so much stronger I will want to just sleep. I think the most separate clitoral orgasms I’ve had within an hour (as in stop/start, not multiple orgasms) is three. This degree of rubbing leads to bruising I have to press so hard!

I think that covers the basics. Any questions, just ask...


  1. There are so many things in here I recognize: the way you move your fingers and the massive orgasms. Also differences: when I crave more, I easily orgasm again and again, but once I had an earth-shattering climax, I don't want to be touched afterwards for quite some time.

    Maybe I should do similar posts, if you don't mind?

    Rebel xox

    1. It would be great if you would! I'd love to read them. Orgasms are fascinating but so very hard to explain.

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